About Body Progress Centre

Our beliefs

Basics are best

  • If you are serious about achieving and maintaining results, you need to pay attention to both exercise and nutrition. There are no short cuts
  • Whether your goal is strength, size, or fat loss, the basic weight training techniques are key to achieving your goals. Each exercise programme is unique and tailored to the individual, and there is a place for other kinds of training, but the basic lifts should be a common foundation
  • There are a number of supplements that can help you progress, but investing in them is useless if you haven't addressed diet, lifestyle and exercise

Individualised, adaptable programmes

  • There is no magic fat loss or muscle building formula that works for everyone. We work with you to ensure our recommendations meet your needs and evolve with you
  • Training programmes are analysed and modified to ensure you make progress every time you're in the gym
  • Nutrition and supplementation plans are tailored to your goals and lifestyle, and are updated as you discover more about yourself and see improvements in your wellbeing and fitness

Anyone can achieve

  • With a little guidance, some people find it easy to create and stick to new habits, others do not. No matter your starting point, level of “sportiness” or ability to resist temptation, we firmly believe that anyone can achieve fantastic results, provided they show commitment
  • We use the best methods to help you, meaning that every session counts and that results can be seen more quickly
  • We will support you throughout, helping you to formulate your goals and motivating you to consistently do your best